Jonathan Horowitz, Obama '08.


Content in a Cottage said...

Great find. I posted about this today and linked back to you.
Thanks, Rosemary

L.Cerre said...

FANTASTIC. Can't wait to see an honorable man up on that presidential wall. It's be a while.

SASHA said...

embodies everything in the air. so close you can almost touch it.
p.s. jandek fan? (or, blog title purely coincidental?)

R.F.T.H said...

a Jandek fan (see music posts), 'Ready For The House' or 'later On' being favorite albums... amongst other things he's the title master.
Thanks all for looking/comments.

SASHA said...

i saw him play in new york when he first started playing live. totally incredible. and then saw him enter his cab post-show, in the dark with a tall black hat, like a mythical creature. one of the better nights to be had.