PCC Tomorrow

Acoma pot with braided handle, from PCC last month.

Daylight Pajamas

JC Penny Towncraft Flannel from PCC last month/Gitman Vintage Flannel from South Willard...it has been a crispy summer here. Saying yes to lower positioned pockets and smaller collars (wider wingspan on collars is OK, but only during Last Waltz reenactments).


The cases of: Jackson Pollock, Lee (Krasner) Pollock and George Eastman-seen & shot by BCR at the Pollock/Krasner House, east Hampton, NY and the George Eastman house, Rochester NY.....thanks!



Inneresting interview with Robert Moynier by Bob Green extolling the virtues of proning, be sure to scroll down to the Theisz paipo shots-article here over at My Paipo Boards...and More.
Thanks cabin guy for linkage.


Hopi mud head Kachina figure-from fleabay, 1950's/60's?, I'm always attracted to the simplest or paired down variations of the Kachina dolls, this guy has lost some feathers and faded from pink to beige in color. In house relative here.


staying in LA and making a go of it

Just caught up with this film last night, great archival L.A footage and interviews with Ferus related folks-awesome opening footage of Sam Rodia working on Watts towers (+ nice use of the Monks)....also ceramic/sculptural segment featuring early Ken Price, John Mason and Voulkos works for the mud monkeys.




Engraved silver cuff/eagle, Pacific Northwest, Haida or Tlingit (I'm new here) marked PS on underside....no tattoo's to follow! In house relatives here & here.



Alvar Aalto's custom door handles from Maison Louis Carre' 1959-all here. Thanks for the trail M.


In house (his house) Aalto lamp madness/Helsinki-thanks Michelle!
PS-Michelle tells me he made the top lamp with a side projection to light his favorite painting whilst still being able to light his desk=right on.


LBC Tomorrow

1940's/50's Navajo thunderbird pin (riding Borsalino) from LBC last month.
*PS-no immediate plans of challenging this guy.

All Eyes On The Drummer

Thanks Kathy!, this is hurting my ribs.



Little bronze fox- Hagenauer Wiener Workstatte (WHW) made in Austria. From Rose Bowl this weekend, I know-lots of cute animal stuff lately...worn sibling ticking away on ebay today :-0.

>-^))))^)'> \-i-i-i-/

Miniature Makah wedding basket, polychromed bear grass- 2" x 21/4"-depicting the Grey Whale hunt-hard to tell who is chasing who (whale or canoe). From Rose Bowl this weekend, in house relative here...more on Makah baskets here.



In house relative here.

Rose Bowl Tomorrow

I want to say its a Gopher?-from the Rose Bowl last month, whittled and sanded smooth, I think it's eye balling this guy.



1950's painted aluminum woodpecker door knocker/ victorian door stop, marble & brass (heavy)...from PCC this weekend.


Folky wooden mechanics from PCC. See it in interweb action here-thanks andy.



Orderly gang of homespun fly's from PCC, a friend is threatening to show me the ways of fly fishing in America. In house relatives here.


RM's #'s

Schindler's Buck House (LA 1934) numbers = too good.



Happy/Evil Guy. Carved painted wooden figure, with nails used for eyes and cobblers nail to secure leather belt, traces of a perished mohawk (horse hair). I got this from a vendor who thought it to be of Native American (plains) origin-dolls like this were used by medicine men in rituals. It's so crazy and rudimentary in its pose/balance, with the perfect amount of detail to give it some life, it could be native, pacific, or even a folk art figure, either way its got teeth.

"Could you leave me some cash if you're coming back for it, just so I know- it's just that things happen...now that you've picked it up you've transferred your energy onto it, now other people are gonna be drawn to it, that's what always happens" :-0


Adolphe Lafont vintage french moleskin chore/shop coat, the black long faded to a beautiful sepia/olive color, inneresting slightly rounded collar-from PCC, in house relatives here and here.


PCC Tomorrow

SW Pots from the PCC last month-enjoy your weekend.


The Accumulator

Article on Clare Graham in today's LA Times Magazine by Mayer Rus, Clare's gallery- housing both his own work and decades of Flea Market collected curio's is one of the most interesting spaces in LA, right there on York Blvd in Highland Park. Mor York.