Pocket-T Ambassador

Dennis Wilson, bearded and clean shaven wearing the Pocket-T Shirt well. South Willard has just received a drop of Pocket-T's custom made in Japan for the store, classic styling + quality cotton in Navy and Washed Black. In house relatives.


Early Days Of Hobie

Nineteen year old Hobie moving a blank's worth of balsa to the Yater-designed glue press (that Velzy coveted) alongside Hobie's parents' beachfront home, operated by placing the glued balsa sticks side-by-side in a frame and compressing them together by driving a wedge between the frame and the wood-no moving parts. Circa 1952

Hobie slalom testing an experimental model during the clay wheels era, Street of the Golden Lantern in Dana Point, circa 1964.

Clipped from the current issue of TSJ. My favorite subscription since The Phantom circa 85.

Littlest Hobo

Smuggling Lendog into Malibu with Andy's tote + Lechuza Beach Clown hideout.

Days In The Wake

Back from pan pacific work/play, enjoyed my coastal time well away from the interwebs...thanks to all for hospitality and company.



Pipe Organ Porn, UQ museum, QLD. Details.



1950's Deadstock De-Jac hooded cotton sweatshirt from ebay. My better half in inheriting some slightly small deliveries of late, keep it in the family.


Edith's Buttons

Ceramic Buttons, hand made by Edith Heath herself, way back when. Like Lucie Rie, Heath made buttons during war time to be economical, filling every inch of kiln space. The buttons like the tableware were slip cast and individually glazed with brush or dropper, the darker clay body is no longer in use at Heath. Picked up at Heath, LA.


Vintage white T's, summer suite, thanks Spencer for the deadstock Munsingwear. Stay-Sized!


Victorian Punk

Ivory or horn carved razor blade charm/necklace (1:1) from Rose Bowl this weekend, it's like some sort of punk folk wearable whimsey.

Future Primitive

Finally made it to Ruby Neri's show at Dave Kordansky. One of the best things i've seen in LA this past year.