This Long Century +

Todd Hido's Forclosed Homes series of photographs, one of the latest contributions to This Long Century. Dave Hickey, Les Blank, Steven Gontarski and Keith Malloy also added to the mix.



In house relative here.


Glad someone is finding a wave, enjoy Ian. Victoria Skimboards via The Arm.

PG Archive

Great photo's by surfer/surf journalist/shaper and surf mat tailor-Paul Gross, taken in Australia 1974. Let's just say those roads to Byron/Lennox don't look so open anymore, Thanks PG for photos.
4th Gear Flyer Surf Mats.
*PS-Paul Gross also wrote The Search For Animal Chin, deep.


Roots Of Madness

I just found this record at home, The Girl In The Chair, by Roots Of Madness, think it must have been a gift from Papa Jon Behar. In any case it's a pleasant rediscovery, sounding like the west coast answer to The Fugs.

The Roots existed from 1969 to 1973, and performed unannounced in laundromats and on freeway overpasses. Their sole rec, The Girl in the Chair, was pressed in 1971, in a run of 500 copies, 100 of which were distributed by the legendary Norm Pierce of San Francisco’s Jack’s Record Cellar. By the time the group recorded its last session in 1973, a total of 10 records had been sold.

The Search.


Towel To The People

Ikeuchitowel hand towels in Block design by Kashiwa Sato from Plastica, LA.

This series of towels, which have been called the purest towels in the world, is made of 100% organically cultivated cotton. With Class-1 Oko-Tex Safety Approval, these towels are safe for baby’s mouths. Our production process runs on wind power, so with one bath towel you are reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 370 g


In house bag labels of note...relatives here.


The Breeze Will Kill Me

Loving Takes This Course, a tribute to the songs of Kath Bloom, via Sweethearts Of The Radio. Be sure to click/listen to Bill Callahan's stupidly beautiful version of The Breeze/My Baby Cries. With thanks to the Hutch!


Made In Nihon

Return of the pocket T! FilMelange- 100% ringspun cotton, made in Japan. Soft and Comfort Ever!!! Available at OC LA. Loopwheeler adjacent.



Adam Bartos, Yard Sale, published by Damiani, thanks Christian.

Other Peoples Loot

Enjoying the neat yard sale finds/shots from John and Linda via Wary Meyers blog.


The Point

Pierce Point Ranch...like wondering into a Maureen Gallance painting.
* In full disclosure some of these shots, the real misty ones were shot by Les, the G10 is our new G9.

Birthday Bloom

This Iris blooms every 2 years, today it arrived to mark Lesley's birthday. Golden.