Inuit carved whalebone head-1960's 70's, from Alaska (fleabay). In house relative here.


Les reading up of Sophie Taeuber-Arp, oct09 hotel/oct10 home.



Sophie Taeuber and Erika Taeuber in Kachina costumes made by Sophie, Zurich 1922.


Sill Swap

Adam's pot + black clay bird (Oaxaca)-here
Brass Moby v's the beaten bull-there


V&A Blues

Last batch of my V&A studio ceramics grabs from last week- top to bottom: Andrew Lord, Dame Lucie Rie, Bernard Leach, Voulkos (hung between cabinets!), Ruth Duckworth, Mo Jupp.


Leslie Williamson @ Heath LA

Heath hosts a launch for Leslie Williamson's publication Handcrafted Modern (Rizzoli) this Sat-details here. I ordered this after seeing it on Reference Library (I think Andy is on his own slow tour of all the houses depicted)-it's a great book, unpretentious and beautiful- I've made it a daily ritual to leaf through it instead of the interwebs over breakfast.



1980's natural canvas converse, born in the USA-a little wider and more rubber around the toes (TWSS!)...from LBC flea last Sunday, from the same guy as the chair (:-P)
*In house relatives here.



I asked a vendor to untie this from his roof so I could take a closer look with my flashlight at the LBC flea on Sunday, it's one of my all time favorite finds. late 19th century to early 20th century New Mexico (Santa Fe) folk art chair with carved back rest decoration, original gnarly rawhide webbing and beautiful rudimentary joinery/pins. I was stopped by a few wizards on the way out and gleamed a little insight into what the hair could be-more research required in terms of identification and repair pathways.




torn and frayed-Liberty of London's tea room.


A few favorite things from the Tate Modern-Giacometti/Susumu Koshimizu/Hans Arp/David Smith...sorry about all the arty shit this past week...back in LA-more desert rat shit soon.


Well Honed

Stone carved pendants by Robert Upritchard-worn by Francis and seen at B store, London today-these things are sculpted so beautifully-aye-full details here.


Kurt Schwitters mixed media sculptures at the Tate Modern-thanks Les for calling me over to the case !x.



Hans Coper's at the V&A's new ceramics wing-these pieces are so beautiful in person-perfectly conceived without being precious-the smaller scale of many of these is a nice surprise also.


Rie Room

Dame Lucie Rie's studio-recreated at the V & A as part of their new ceramics wing- kick wheels in stereo!