Thanks Matty for the nudge-The Oinkster, my new favorite local. Slow Fast Food!

Animal Protector

Wooden Coyote pendant, Jacobo's animal protector- carved by his father. Jacobo Angeles carved and painted wooden animals here.


Maloof's Bitters

Stan Bitters relief/birdhouses/wind curtain installed in Sam Maloof's garden, Alta Loma, CA. The birdhouses are Sumpf era- more irregular in both their form and cutouts than the current pieces. In house relatives here & here.

More ceramics from Maloof's collection at KB's.
Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation For Arts And Crafts-here.



Fish Key Fob hand carved from horn, a gift from Andy-via Albam. Carl Aubock bronze hand Key ring, a gift from me to Les...finding it's way back to my keys- via OK.

Zambia's Fuzzed Out Wah Wah Psych!

The early morning waterman of Cabinessence (now RORER714) has been posting these incredible mid 70's Zambian chuggers of late. I was previously only familiar with the Chrissy Tebby Tembo record via Papa Jon, so these other one's were truly an awesome surprise. Get them in running order here, here and here.



Alphabet poster designed by Andy Beach and printed by Colby in LA, available in white and brights.

Shrimp Shop day is here and the store is looking great, Andy and Ryan have arranged all their finds and contributions onto shrimp merch tables and racks- stuff you just won't find anyplace else, vintage and new. Ever wondered what a Crescent Down Works vest looks like in size 1? drop by South Willard today between 2-4pm.


Really impressive set by Imaad Wasif and company at Vacation tonight. Tender/Noise-beautiful playing and vocals, a well conducted and delivered musical ritual for all those present (if Michael Yonkers had joined Led Zeppelin?). Keep an eye out for shows, and seek out the new record on Tee Pee records. All praise the return of the in-store performance.



Go Wolverines-found at Rose Bowl this month.

Tamam Shud


Vintage Shrimp!

There will be some R4TH handpicked vintage kids clothing at the Reference Library/South Willard Shrimp Shop this weekend.

Above, boys (beuys) three piece tweed suit/homemade kids overalls made from recycled canvas grain sacks-both items came from a 1920's-30's estate.
Shrimp tailoring at it's best!



Long Beach loot from Sunday, I liked this flea, manageable scale-straight parallel aisles easy to navigate and and a little stranger and less curated/precious than the Rose Bowl-adding it to the rotation.

Seated stone figure,Costa Rican, possibly pre Columbian?-not sure, but it's spent time in the ground and has been re-decorated with enamel paint at some stage. Vintage sweatshirt with strange home stitched tornado & storm cloud diagrams-go figure. Another nice Serape, 1930's-40's with perfect silk fringe. 2 shopcoats/aprons made from repurposed canvas flour sacks, 1940's, thrifty tailoring.

In house relatives here, here and here.


Out On The Weekend

Long Beach Lefts:
Borge Mogensen Hunting Chair frame, oak, Frederica 1950/Tangerine Dream belly board, single fin with gnarly glassed on handles/1960's America-Peace flag, you don't see these too often/Railway destination board roll, London/1950's Cheerleader threads.


LB Flea

Going south to the Long Beach Flea market tomorrow, sadly I've never made the trek. Above a miss from the Rose Bowl last weekend.

Trail Guides


USN Deck Jacket

WW2 USN deck jacket from Rose Bowl, great wear & repairs on this one, washed out from olive drab to bone and covered with the metallic patina of mechanical duties.

*ps-it don't look this good on me.


John Cale's Secret

Stick with this one!...to see Cale perform Erik Satie's Vexations skip to 7:40 mark.

Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

My Grandfather George on Patrol in Mount Tambu, New Guinea in 1943, my Aunt thinks the shot was taken shortly after a battle with Malaria, which would account for his gauntly appearance. Via Australian War Memorial-thanks sis.

George in finer days here and here.



The Echo Park digs of Ryan, Kelly, Thurston and Charley. Article and complete photo gallery in the LA Times. KB's Ceramics here.


Travel Light

Early morning bowl sightings...vintage railway destination board scrolls/stacked & packed VW/homemade 60's? plywood bottom-twin fin belly board + every belt buckle and cigarette lighter you never wanted.


Rose Bowl Tomorrow

Staghorn fern from Rose Bowl market a year back, up for the trawl tomorrow.



PCC loot from last weekend. Beautiful Mexican Serape, fine wool & weave. WW2 Indigo denim pullover work shirt, nice fade-wear, I love the side entry pockets on this jacket (which have been transplanted on some bad contemporary garments of late). Vintage matchbooks. Natural canvas duck apron, 1940's. 1980's Lanvin for Les (shoulder pad surgery requested). WW2 HBT daisey mae. In house relatives here, here and here.