Rolling Library

Books scattered in the back of my neighbors Volvo, inneresting reading list.


Robert Walker's photographs of Ian Fairweather, and his hut/studio on Bribie Island 1966-1968. More photo's here, catalogue here.


RIP Sky Saxon

In all the madness of last week, the passing of Sky Saxon skipped my radar. Post-Seeds, Sky was part of Ya Ho Wah 13 and moved to Hawaii with the source family, his ashes are headed back there.

The Seeds- They were one of those great bands that were terrible. Didn't matter- their records cooked. "Mr. Farmer"- that's a good one, man. Neil Young.

Refresh To Deathhead

Andy Beach's Everyday Life Objects Shop in Milan as seen on The Selby



Awesome paperclip necklace by Lauren Manoogian courtesy of beach daddy/DVN silk scarf/Want Essentials shopping tote from OC, LA. 

Standard Assembly

Mark's 65 Moulton Standard via Tagbanger. In house UK relatives here.

Aldrich x Aalto

In house companions in gum, grey green.




What's (M), reversible, and over in 6 hours? Class 5-wool/canvas anorak, here.

Agnes Varda

A survey Agnes Varda films is screening this week at the Aero in Santa Monica, including Q+A sessions with Varda herself. We saw Jacquot De Nates last night paired with Uncle Janco, a short film about Varda's uncle living in the houseboat community in Sausolito in the late 60's, beautiful and worth tracking down. Thanks Matty for the tip.


Nod To Yod

Source Family guru and Ya Ho Wah 13 screamer Father Yod, beard envy rivaling Lawrence Weiner and Ned Kelly here, the swimming lesson looks inneresting too. Drag City is about to reissue a Yo Wa Ha 13 record, Magnificence In The Memory not sure if it's different material to the records already in circulation, but worth a look/listen. The untold story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wah 13 and The Source Family by Isis Aquarian here.

Arcosanti Merch

Ceramic wind chime our friend Spencer selected for us during a recent walkabout to Arcosanti...beyond thunderdome. More here.


Dog And Pony Show

An awesome show tonight by Shellac at the Echoplex, thanks Terry for the token! They are playing sunday night also.


Magic Towel Ride

E.P.A member Ryan Conder riding the magic towel at Malibu this week as filmed by the Marshall Brothers. Get your 4th Gear Flyer here. GG and PG ripping here.

Save Smokey!

Sign to Save.



Love Locks

Let My Convicts Go Dancing

Nice jangly 7" with bonus mix CD + poster insert from Purple Brain out on RVNG. Pushing the clouds aside and calling forth summer on my PCH excursions. Mr Connors, Mr Jolly I'm talking to you here. Order/listen ere.


In Bloom

The Corpse Flower is about to bloom again at The Huntington Gardens, San Marino, CA. Details.


Phil's New Hat

Phil Jackson sporting his 10 victory cap made by his kids, gold and purple is the new Red.


Mix Bowl

Rose Bowl finds from today: Japanese vegetable dye Boro textile/handmade Chollo cactus, plywood sconces/HG Wells, Berkeley paperback collection/Russian cotton twill army hat with biro initials/1940's Hanes undershirt/deadstock 1950's forest green Penny's, Pilgrim pocket T-shirt/ early Allto bent birch stool (1940's) with cue chalk colored linoleum/1970's The Tombs, 1789, sweat shirt. A full rucksack.