Small Mission basket, a beautiful compact example with minor damage to rim~from LBC this month. In house relatives here + here + here.


The Real Scott Walker

...is not a cunt.


Like A Rare Morel

Michelle Grabner at Shane Campbell Gallery, ends today :-0!


Arm Pad

Interview with the fella from The Arm here...I like the custom built shelf/support system sir.



Wizards feet with snake~the inscribed instruction on the underside "don't explode' seems to have worked.


Staycation/post deadline day at home + passed final inspection :-(!).



Totem, Northwest coast, mid century~6:00 am & 7:30 am


Tags shot at LBC flea this morning- all from a seller from Boston-deep vintage/textiles.
*Takahiro you missed some serious trunks!



Paul Soldner, wax resist (manganese glaze?) tea bowl, late 50's early 60's, found last weekend at the Los Angeles Pottery Show. I'm always attracted to more traditional/conservative wheel based forms by more sculptural potters... for example. Last year's show here...(scroll down)
PS-post 1000-I need a new hobby!


McMakin (L) Meadows (R)
Foxx foyer



Bobcat strolling past our house~ this thing was crazy beautiful and walking with such a strange casual gait...in any case it was some kind of charm as the Packers won the bowl later the same day...o shit the Bobcats beat the Lakers by 20 points today.


1950's-60's Navajo thunderbird ring from fleabay~in house relative here.


Tags from PCC/Rose Bowl items this month~aka Ben unleashes the archives~aka don't reach your hand in when 7 Japanese guys are in the middle of a Khaki scramble~aka all our favorite clothes have been taken over by young republicans and marketing clowns so we have gone back to The Wonder Years for fashion pointers.

*last shot, Takahiro's square neck find.



I had a dream last night that you had put advertising on R4TH. Up and down both sides, big annoying color ads for Diet Coke cars other blogs everything. so weird. I think that means I need to take a vacation.


Finds from Superbowl AM PCC. Los Angeles Athletic Club sweatshirt, 1960's (Don Draper does his laps there)/Navajo pillow top, aniline dye?, leather back/Weird ol farm stool, held together by wooden knob structure/Navajo saddle blanket, 1950's, all natural colored-carded wool, great condition.



The reason for Green Bay's survival is its unique public ownership structure. It has 112,158 shareholders, of which I am one. None of us can own more than 200,000 of thePackers' 4.75 million outstanding shares. The stock pays no dividend. It does not entitle you to a ticket to a game. It cannot be sold or transferred, except to family members. Nor can the team move except through dissolution of the Packers corporation, which until 1997 required all proceeds of the sale of the team (which now would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars) to go to a World War I memorial at the localAmerican Legion post.

Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed, and now the proceeds will go to the Green Bay Packers Foundation, which has distributed more than $2 million to charities in Wisconsin since its founding in 1986. Besides the Packers Foundation, profits from the team go to the team as salaries, not into the pocket of some greedy owner.

As a result, Green Bay is liberated from the egomaniacal ownership of a Jerry Jones in Dallas, the tyranny of an Al Davis in Oakland or the team paralysis of a McCourt divorce as with the Dodgers. Unlike the owners in Minneapolis, Buffalo, N.Y., or Jacksonville, Fla., there can be no idle threats to move the team to Los Angeles in an effort to blackmail the community into building luxurious stadiums the local governments can ill afford. Yet, NFL rules prohibit any team other than Green Bay from being owned by more than 30 owners.

Historic Lambeau Field, home of the Packers, is reflective of the franchise's community spirit. No corporate monolith governs the food and beverage sales. Rather, by community tradition, each concession stand is staffed by local charities, which raise close to $1 million annually from their efforts. Thirsty for a beer? Try the booth staffed by De Pere Knights of Columbus. Hungry for a bratwurst? Volunteers from the
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh girls softball team are there to serve you. My personal favorite for years was a buttery grilled cheese sandwich served up by the Green Bay East High School Athletic Booster Club.

*excerpt from Mark Neubauer's awesome LA Times article 'LA should follow the cheeseheads'~here



I found this pen recently in my Grandfather's paint box, he was a funny bugger.
*It also reminded me where I picked up the all CAPS handwriting habit, I like his R's.
;-) thanks Ray!



Loot from outta town flea-late 1950's Navajo pillow top with poly back, still with original tag from Teec Nos Pas Trading Post, kinda krazy colors in this Yei Bi Chei but the scale and irregular graphic elements are neat....in house relative here. Basket with dyed weave-not sure of origins/age to this piece, the seller is from seattle and sources his items there...keying into the house textiles however.