Scones not Sculpture~made from Alice Waters/The Art Of Simple Food.
Very Good Then.


'Let's Just Let It Be Everything'

Starting next week Fugazi will be posting their 800 live show archive online~cowabunga.
NY Times article here.



Got super lucky for getting one year older this year-Les went straight to the Wizard for these deep finds. Navajo bracelets-both dating between 1890-1910 hand forged ingot coin silver-the first one being either a leaf or snake design...I've seen this motif on early pieces sometimes surrounded by a paisley type border-I like the subtle rounded quality of the form having been punched out from the back. Second one is a solid pulled ingot wire with either chiseled or filed lines and punched o's with repeated punched design at the terminals-it's heavy-you can see where the silver has been folded on the interior.
In house relatives here-here-here.
Northwest coast relative here.


Backdoor Bolo

Small slice of a crediculous bolo collection we saw today.
*In house relatives here and here.
**wear it right here.


Sculpture Undone

Alina Szapocznikow at lpture



Mexican Modern cuff-silver/copper/brass/wizard stone with neat lock latch, 1950's...picked up for the better hand in Glendale-yes Glendale.



Ken Price-sharp in 1965
*Oliver Twisting it in 1956 here.
**Beach Boy Dada here.


Wierd Aalto/Christo sculpture created somewhere in California~courtesy of fleabay.



Found at PCC before the rain today.



Inlay Snoopy Tennis pin by Zuni jeweler Carol Kee mid 70's~from fleabay to hebay.
*the CK disney stuff is just nuts-I think they tried to sue her :-(.

Animal, 2008


Pocket Pal

Vintage Schroeder Pocket Pal from estate sale this AM.
*looks like our pal Van!



Charlie Brown Lamp
2010, steel, hardware, paint lamp components (unique)