True to their word, our Russell Moccasin order turned up exactly 6 months from the day it was ordered from the Berlin HQ~a cabin bound detour I've wanted to make for a years.
Happy Feet....in house relatives here and here.
Russell Moccasin Co. of Wisconsin.


Midnight At The Oasis

Inside Joel's studio~mind in the cave.
Joel Holmberg.



Quilt picked up at LBC last weekend, five crazy birds.
In house relative/similar vintage here.



After dubbing me an 'Eclipse Scrooge' Les rigged up this projector with binoculars and white card so we could watch the eclipse in the Canyon on Sunday~a wizard could not have produced a sharper experience.

/\ /\

Finally installed the AA Paimio sconces, my favorite in house sculptures-nice light too.
Thanks Jimi :-(!)



Plaster/Brass mini armchair study model, nice simple tooling and sculpting.
~story goes it was from an estate of an old chap who worked in design for Herman Miller...from the Bowl today.



Francis Upritchard and Martino Gamper's home-here.
~related post (literally a relative) here.

*Thanks Ryan for linkage
**The Beach!-back on track here.



Arconsanti's hoop!
via Gravel & Gold
via via The Arm


Zuni Shulawitsi, fire god head pin~dot inlay into tortoise shell.
Zuni tomahawk tie clip with tear drop?
Zuni Knifewing pin, channel inlay into jet, this one's a mystery-has elements of both Gordon Leak and Dan Simplicio but is unattributed....all 1940's-50's, a lotta work in these little guys.
In house relative here and here.

Maurice Sendak 1928-2012

Listen, or re-listen to the Sendak's interview with Terry Gross~here.


o OO-

Snoopy/Joe Cool-Zuni ring c.1970's, unsigned/Chicago Bulls-Zuni ring c. 70's-80's, can't make out signature but also engraved ZUNI...both coral, mop and jet inlay, both picked up in Pasadena yesterday.

In house relatives here & here.


Arise: Three Day Weekend

Dave Muller winds the crank on Three Day Weekend- this weekend at Public Fiction LA.

~details here

~thanks J.Century!

David Burton

Rob Tufnell is showing a group of David Burton's drawings at NADA N.Y~info

David Burton gets wild on the pavements of London, 1945~here

very good then sir!



John Gordon Leak~double arrow cuff, spiny oyster shell & turquoise inlaid into jet, Zuni c.1930-40's.

*When this one came up for auction I was so obsessed with it I made this scale model to size it (sad)...I missed it the first time round, and jumped the second time round, things circulate.

In house relative here.http://ready4thehouse.blogspot.com/2012/02/blog-post_14.html


The Point Of Least Resistance

David Weiss 1946-2012

O Man was this sad news, read Jörg Heiser's tribute for Frieze blog here.