Navajo silver bracelets, hers/his-from the silver man. First = trading post die cut & punched with beautiful wonkiness and turquoise setting 1930's/40's, the second is hand beaten and hand punched with more crude tools/result, whirling logs on cuff 1910-20. Thanks PA desert rat for the push on these!

*see Indian Summer Vintage for more Navajo silver work/words-here.


Gang Of Four

Beach family lineup-hitting the trails at Point Reyes (Bloggers Retreat).
Altadena Works/Kanken/Vintage Jansport/Vintage LL Bean back.
More Kanken & Elk here.


Drinking At Home

Ye olde Blatz can found by our electrician Paul between the walls-Milwaukee's Finest!-could be as old as the house itself (1924).


Double Bird

Hand formed polychome pottery plate, Zuni, 1930's-note asymmetrical storm patter in wings, found at Rose Bowl this month.

Canyon Connection

Back in the world of interweb access, more regular posting soon-living out of range was fun while it lasted.



Acoma 3

Acoma polychomed pottery, New Mexico, mid century, initialed M.S.V at base-from fleaBay. In house relatives here.

Dog's Life LA

Dog, Color Matched Stucco, Balcony, Wind Chime.



Navajo rug, hand spun and natural dyed yarn, trading post cotton warp and a flock of lazy lines & repairs. A beautiful beater-it's been around a while, from PCC last weekend. In house relatives.


Palette Plates

Set of four studio pottery plates, part of a larger group of ceramics from a Claremont estate, these have no date but the other pieces were mid to late 1960's. Color & crackle glaze over grey body stoneware (imprinted seal on base), thrown and trimmed well-they have a satisfying weight to them. From PCC yesterday.


PCC Tomorrow

Stragglers from the last few PCC runs. Hand woven blanket, coarse wool in two halves sewn together, a puzzler-eye dazzler maybe South American, the colors are beautiful/1940's steel weathervane/Awesome welded fire log loop/Zuni black ceramic animal fetish, bear. I can't stand the rain.


Max Bill ceramic kitchen clock w/ timer designed for Junghans 1957. I saw a bunch of these at the flea market in Vienna a few years back, and regretted not jumping- this one color codes into the Canyon kitchen, looted from fleaBay.


Texting With The Dead

Found in WI this past Christmas.


Stand Hand

Don't try this at home. Our painter's get to solution, ladder wedged in tree + wire.


Hand Stand

Robert Kinmont, from 8 natural handstands, 1969-2009, a portfolio of 8 silver geletin prints

Robert Kinmont, Kenzee Patterson, Charlie Sofo, Ronnie Van Hout @ Darren Knight Gallery