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Mt Salvation

Road tripping with my father-finally made it to the Mountain(= :-0) standing/walking/talking in awe, put it on the top of your CA list.

"Sometimes I wish I started the Mountain when I was 11 instead of 52!"
"well come on back and bring some friends cause the Mountain ain moving anywhere"

LA Times article on Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain-here.
cheers Ryan.



The Art Of The Hurrays/Skeksis Head @ Harris Lieberman.
Hurray=Richard Aldrich+Josh Brand+Pete Mandradjieff+Zak Prekop.



Looking down at the Getty Villa, Malibu.


Numbers threaded & tapped with 1/2" brass tube spacers-almost ready for the house...thinking the best patina may be no patina, the bronze oxidizing/darkening naturally over time.


10 TH

From LBC-go figure.


Necklace, Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico, early 60's-the turquoise/tortoise shell combination = beautiful-(*the later outlawed for use in the early 70's). Found at the LBC flea-Happy Birthday Sticks! X/O



A few pieces from a mixed bag of vintage Heath Ceramics tableware found at the LBC flea this weekend. The first plate is nuts-I've never seen any Heath pieces with patterning beyond sprayed glazes-into forming a parallel/rogue dinner set of vintage Heath, a gang of all the old discontinued glaze colors.
In house relatives here.


Broken Together

Turn of the century folky porcelain/marble assemblage vase...too many bills but beautiful @ LBC flea this morning. "It's really the handles that make this one special"


These Things Too

Makah lid/local flora/Harlie Cox's Ode banjo(nice Cherry fretboard/pighead)/old Oneida's v's Japanese tile/Baffin Island(Winnipeg Art Gallery 1983)/3 Bitters(lowest one with larger aperture=Sumf)



WW2 Second Infantry Div patch, riding the shoulder of a HBT jacket from Rose Bowl last week.

JACKET HERRINGBONE TWILL 00-7 SPECIAL Pattern Date Jully 15 1944 P.O 22673- Dated May 4, 1945. THE POWERS MFG. CO Spec. No. P.O.D. No45E Philadelphia Q.M Depot.



1950's wool/leather varsity jacket from the bowl this morning made by Whiting, Los Angeles-awesome colorway and chain stitch details. In house bowl relative here.


Sedan Delivery

Another great boot, get it here via FLASH STRAP-with big thanks to Rob for linkage!


Stan Bitters self portrait photo transfer tile, 1960's-from fleabay.


:-< :-(

Inuit wooden masks from the peabody collection-photographed from American Indian Art/Norman Feeder- found at PCC this weekend.



1960's US made Bausch and Lomb third eyes with leather strap & super sharp lenses-from PCC today. Leather case marked Marty Zahn-Lakeside Golf Club.

"ya hadta have money to be parta that outfit, ifyawas to buyem' new today they'd be over twohundreddolla's"