brady bags

In house vintage Brady's.


Lesli L said...

Are these all yours? Which one if your favorite? Love the smaller one in the back with the knotted net. Nice collection!

Ready For The House said...

mine yes, mostly from my brief stint in london, i like the small trout bag with double front pockets best, ipod storage etc....though the large netted ones are good for market.r

thesportinglodge said...

I love your photography. I love Brady too. I have the Monmouth for the office. Your netted (hunting) bags are of the old style. Fabulous.I sell Brady to hunters and shooters. In the USA they tend to buy for travel and style. In Germany, for hunting, and in Japan again for style. You can't beat the quality of these bags. I have one which is 20 years at least and I use it on every flight. Lovely collection.