Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co

Vintage 1980's, Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co. jacket, again from rose bowl, the early days of Goretex, with leather trim and ample pockets for shoplifting. This company collaborated with SiFury in Japan this year to release an updated version of the Mountain Parka (bottom).


scott said...

Hi Ready, I'm a BIG aficionado of this brand. I found your site by googling the coat. I'm a 42 year old pro ski bum in jackson wyoming and I own three RMFbed pieces: a red one like yours, formerly a patrol jacket at the JH ski are; a blue one like yours but down filled and a red and blue down vest. Yours looks relatively unused which would make sense in SoCal. I'd be interested to know more about how you came about it... Thanks for any info,(scottgski@aol.com) Scott Golembiowski

Ready For The House said...

hey scott, i got the jacket from erik, who runs 'junkyard jeans' of boise idaho, he has a stall at the rose bowl market in Pasadena every month...have yet to see another one there, if you have a secret stash let me know!

xaw said...

I French and i have a real vintage rocky mountain from 80 s ;-) a orange one;;;;;
My mail michaelsuard@noos.fr

alessandroaraki said...

what's the RockyMountain Featherbed co official website?

please reply info@shingo.it