Handbuilt Ceramics, CA

Hand/slab built ceramics available from South Willard, Los Angeles. Made by David Korty, Kelly Breslin, and Stan Bitters (top to bottom).


genevieve said...

I love these. They are simple and perfect...


I read your blog all the time and I found a tea set today that I am having a hard time placing. There are no markings on it, it looks as if it could be Hallcraft, maybe...if you have a second and you feel like looking maybe you could steal a glance and see if you recognize the shapes? I would be eternally grateful! Keep up the good blogging!

Shot of tea set here:

Ready For The House said...

this may be a Q? for larry at OK. Tricky with no marks.....best RS

ANDY said...

those david korty pieces are really really nice. how big? about 10" tall?

Ready For The House said...

maybe a little smaller,nice matt white glaze over stoneware, nice tactility in person.