On Gardening, Denim and Storage.

Getting up at 5am is sometimes worthwhile, an accidental gardening theme running through today's PCC finds. Collapsible 1950's steel plant stand, Duchampian readymade feel. Drawer set from the 50's, bird's eye maple veneer on drawers....needs a scrub. Indigo Denim Carpenter's apron from the 1940's, neat slim angle pocket for ruler, cloth tag illegible (going to be my new studio uniform). Wiss, 'English Style-No 9E', dropped forged hedge trimmers. Stratton self-forming 'Ranger' hat, size 7 1/8, as worn by Smokey the Bear, etc.


porter hovey said...

That blue apron is too cute!

george said...

this is my favourite haul thus far