Three Retablo paintings from Rose Bowl market a few weeks back. I saw a small exhibition of Mexican Ex-Voto's and Retablos, at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, last year, and now I've finally found a reliable local source to start my own collection.


Frenchy but Chic! said...

Just linked you to my blog, http://frenchybutchic.blogspot.com
Hope you're well,

Kaari Marie said...

I love these too - I just found some at a Pasadena second hand shop. There is also a great dealer at the flea market in Santa Fe - if you ever get down that way.

Joey said...

NICE. I hope your local source is Jim Caswell. He's the best! I used to buy stuff from him back when I could afford them. Now I wish I could go back into a time machine and buy up all those old retablos and ex-votos that I passed on! Oh well!