Love Is Overtaking Me

The wait is over....Arthur Russell's singer/songwriter side emerges from the archives today.

Those who have fallen in love with sound of Arthur Russell’s music through exposure to his disco tracks and compositional efforts will undoubtedly be surprised by
Love is Overtaking Me, as nothing here even tries to touch upon that stuff. Still, it plays like a revelation – a great set of raw, emotive pop tunes from a man whose heart always pulsed close to the surface.
Michael Crumsho, Dusted Review.


genevieve said...

I just bought this too...he is full of endless beauty.

R.F.T.H said...

I love the record- especially the first half of more country stuff, even the james taylor attempt!, just wish it stayed with this feel, as the selection loosens into more familiar russell pop territory.

genevieve said...

Audika did a special showcase this week to celebrate the release on Beats In Space, on WNYU. I haven't seen a tracklist yet, but they were meant to play a lot of unreleased stuff. It may be heavy on the disco/Dinosaur L/Calling Out of Context side, but since they released this collection, they may play a good selection of the folky stuff too. Should be posted here later in the week, if you are at all interested!