Shoe Gaze

Gauging up thy footwear for fall. Vintage 1950's Russell Oneida moccasins, with double vamp leather sole.....feels like walking around bare foot. Quoddy Trail Moccasin Co, navy boat shoe with calfskin lining. Quoddy Tracker Ankle Boot with natural crepe sole, these are pretty mountain man, and generally confined to natural excursions. Russell's available here and Quoddy's here- and also at South Willard (hello blue bluchers!).


imightbechad said...


Did you purchase these shoes? I've been looking for some old quoddy mocs on sale...would you be willing to sell the dark brown ones?

Love your blog!


R.F.T.H said...

I ordered them direct from Quoddy,but they are also available via South Willard as per links....ill not be parting with them anytime soon however...ebay maybe? thanks RS.

imightbechad said...

Thanks RS,

Didn't think all 3 could be yours!

They do pop up on ebay every now and then...I'll keep an eye out.

And you keep up the good work!