Green Room

Ryan Conder, has finally buckled and posted some Surfing footage on the South Willard page...some classic clips of living legend George Greenough at one with the Dolphins and Waves. Yes Mr Conder, I need one on these inflatable mattress rides (read:shark biscuits) in preparation for my summer spell in Byron Bay, Australia.


michelle said...

if you can do that on a lilo i will be most impressed...stop onto scotts head on the way to byro..its my old stomping ground..super sweet forest meets beach. x

RS said...

nice to hear the word 'lilo' being put out there!....people still laugh at that here....ready for the forest/beach.

michelle said...

I'm still trying to get my head around why people call the 'pool' the 'lido' here...makes no sense to me.