Around The Horn

Okay, I'm a late comer here, I have no idea how the music of Souled American eluded me for so long, but suffice to say I'm in deep now. It's almost impossible to imagine early Palace Brothers, Songs Ohia and Codeine etc, existing prior to the Souled American sound. There's an endlessness to their music, and a gradual and beautiful reduction (of sound and band members) across their six album discography, riding high on the country tractor whilst the air is slowly let out of the tires. A compilation of the first four albums (88-92) released by tUMULt is available through Aquarius, the individual albums, released by Rough Trade, may be easier located in the UK. Thanks to papa John (Ir) and papa Jon (LA) for the word.

The music will not make you dance or sing along or do some stupid air-guitar thing. It fulfills music’s simplest function: it makes you listen—compulsively and tirelessly, spellbound and uncertain.

Theodore Mcdermott, The Believer.

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