Today's Japanese textile inventory from the Rose Bowl, I traded a Lee 1940's Coca Cola uniform, and some stray denim for these great pieces. Woman's or child's hand woven Noragi for Lesley, the Kasuri pattern/color is beautiful. Hemp fragment/scarf, a richer green than depicted here, some nice boro patch details. Large (7 ft tall) Indigo layered panel, made from recycled cotton, perhaps to fit around a pice of furniture or corner?.


Kaari Marie said...

Do you go to the Pickwick Fabric show? I saw a dealer there last time with a great collection of old Japanese indigo hemp....I have to limit myself to French textiles or I will soon be buried.

R.F.T.H said...

nope, but it sounds like i need to go!

michelle said...

im in love with that orange jacket...its super beautiful. lucky L