Vintage Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co (Wyoming), down vests currently up on eBay, these have been going $tupid of late, an all leather version, (second image) reaching 1,500.00 U$D. Bottom image, vintage ladies (the lady's) late 70's Denver Down vest with sheepskin collar, Rocky Mountain Featherbed adjacent.These are being re-issued you know where, in house relative here. Mountain Clown?


sam said...

Things on the mountaineering tip have been getting absolutely "$tupid" across the map lately on the bay. You can still catch the odd deal here and there, but by and large, it's disapointing and frustrating to see how much some of this stuff is going for.

I've spotted Torn up OG Chouinard catalogs (let alone bags) with a 250.00 dollar reserve. The 60/40's are on the rise, in part due to attention on ACL methinks, and even powderhorn coats and other lesser known brands are getting prohibitively expensive.

I recently got a gang of old gear (carabiners, sierra cups, slings, pitons, rock hammers, etc..) from my father who was a serious yosemite mountain man, and though I would never part with it, I find myself imagining what the lot is worth by todays standards.

R4TH said...

sam-like the workwear rush-I think we have to credit the japanese kids with the made in usa-vintage outdoor gear $illyness, or at least adjusting our focus back towards it. The Powderhorn,RMFB, North Face-brown label, early patagonia and SD stuff has been expensive at the flea markets and now ebay due to their dedicated (read frenzied) interest in this stuff.
The japanese buyers at the Rose Bowl for example know more about this gear (and denim) than most people in the USA, and if you want those items you either have to be lucky or shell out the dollars they are offering vendors to keep specific brand items aside.
That said I'm thinking it's a about the style rather than the functionality, dare i say you fathers gear won't get much use in town, and is maybe better kept in the family. Lastly most good vintage gear is still a chunk cheaper than new/less interesting items...thrfting and sifting still pays off, thanks for your comment.

Dyno-mite said...

Careful...you're one very small step away from moon boots.