Class-5, Mountaineering Equipage pack, 1970's. Great tag, also into the purple chute lining, complementing this. From eBay with love.


ANDY said...

The purple guts is a nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

Awesome find! Love these old bags

michelle said...

together you are now officially the tangerine dream..

Alan said...

The Class 5 pack is really nice, I likely bid against you on ebay. I have several other Class 5 packs, but not that particular model.

Someone mentioned Tangerine Dream - that was the name of a sleeping bag by the North Face in the 1980's.

Alan said...

From an early Class 5 catalog:

The ideal rucksack for weekend trips, extended rock climbs, and hitch-hiking. The fabric is water proof Cordura, the harness and accessory patches are the same as on the Daypack, only with the hauling loop. The flap on the Licheneiger is a pocket, similar to the Daypack only larger. This pack also has two large 13" x 3" x 7" side pockets. The main body measures 18" high by 6" wide at bottom, tapering to 8" width.
VOLUME: 1512 cubic inches plus 14" nylon skirt on top.
PRICE: 38.50

Alan said...

Speak of the devil, the North Face Tangerine Dream on ebay.