Fantastic Plastic Machine 1969

"He's so self sufficient and practical, it's frightening"


charliep said...

thanks so much for posting.

i have never seen this footage.

truly amazing and way ahead of his time.

R4TH said...

there is a split second when someone drops in on a surf mat....I'm calling it has to be Paul Gross right? Is this shot at Rincon?

charliep said...


it looks to warm

i am guessing australia, maybe lennox or something

mushy like bells though

no people either

those days are gone

R4TH said...

hmm, yes, Lennox, you can see the headland in the background at the start.

PG said...

Yes, Lennox Head.

No, not me on the mat. (McTavish, I believe.)


R4TH said...

cheers PG !

PG said...

Keep an eye on your mail, RS! :)

warm jet said...

love that movie.
i think i still have the soundtrack LP.
it's so nice to see the way surfing was and should be.

oh, by the way my word verify was....


warm jet said...

forgot to say how much i love George's
closeout duckdives!
1 at 45sec. in.
thanks R
hoping you got some mat time today.

charliep said...

paul gross posted on your blog.