Engine Takes To The Water

A bunch of photographs from my fathers album I rediscovered on this trip, all from the mid 60's to 1970. From top to bottom...

1. Dad behind the wheel of the Marie Glen Valena, his favorite among the few boats he owned, he took over as skipper following the death of his father George.
2. Dad and his brother Maitland on their rides, his mother is standing in the cabin of a converted VW van, out of which she used to sell vintage clothing door to door. Vehicle Envy.
3. Pop-George in the engine room of the Mercury.
4. George on deck (bow) of the Mercury- looking back at dad.
5. Traditional cane Crayfish pots stacked on the Mercury deck, dad climbed the mast to take this shot.
6. Champagne!-the blessing of the fleet, Victoria Dock 1969.
7. Dad and Pop dancing in identical step with the ladies of the lighthouse, Tasmania.

More here and here.


somedaynewyorker said...

Wow. These photos are amazing. So inspiring. Your father looks so happy in these photos.

Mitzikat said...

Great shots! Reminds me of my dad's photos from his days on off shore rigs.. what part of the country were these taken?

ready said...

San Remo, Victoria, Tasmania and in between.