Art Of The Pacific/LACMA

Hand Weapon, circa 1778-Hawaiian Islands
Breast Ornament, circa 1850-Republic of the Fiji Islands
Hand Drum, circa 1850-Papua New Guinea, Torres Straight Island

Incredible exhibit for those in/passing through LA, extremely beautiful and powerful objects, just don't get me started on the installation! Details.


david john said...

whats up with the installation?

R4TH said...

It was designed by Franz West, and I know you can't say bad things about him-but in my opinion these objects deserve more grace/neutrality in their presentation than carefully casual home depot constructed plinths. The space itself is always problematic (which I thought compromised the Franz West show there some months back)-each to their own-I can't get the objects out of my head though, a nice relationship to many works in the modern collection upstairs.

david john said...

interesting. need to check this out.. didn't jorge pardo do something similar to this at the museum too?

and i have to agree, that lower space always feels a bit slighted. i was really sad when franz west showed there, although i had heard that is the space that he requested.

Okemah said...

Man, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of object #1 !
(a Great White knuckle sandwich).

R4TH said...

Okemah-I think they call that one the Matt popper.

David Neale said...

re weapon; ...I was playing basketball with two of my maori inlaws...and got double-body slammed! With their big grins and shear mass- I thought; schwepps! I wouldnt want to be in a battle against these dudes!