Gang Of Four

Beach family lineup-hitting the trails at Point Reyes (Bloggers Retreat).
Altadena Works/Kanken/Vintage Jansport/Vintage LL Bean back.
More Kanken & Elk here.


david john said...

love point reyes! so amazing up there. jealous. have a good time!

Sean Whittaker said...

what a coincidence, i was just listening to "entertainment!" when i opened your blog... i suppose it's not that much of a coincidence, but big enough to comment upon!

have fun at point reyes... though i'm not exactly sure where that is..

roberta jane said...

Great line up. I miss escaping SF for day trips to Point Reyes... luckily Oregon has some awesome coastal stretches as well!

John said...

I have a feeling the kids' packs are a couple ebay items he did win. Jealous of it all!