Numbers threaded & tapped with 1/2" brass tube spacers-almost ready for the house...thinking the best patina may be no patina, the bronze oxidizing/darkening naturally over time.


charliep said...

go natural

Golden Smith said...

Some metalsmiths apparently make patina recipes from urine. They have like, jars of it cluttering up the place. Ammonia I guess. ( greeny blue) Get Lenny to do it?

Personally- ...black... ( sulphur) What beats black bronze?
You've got that Hughes and Rowe patina bible-right?
One time I made one of those recipes using nitric acid and it had fully orange mist comin' off'f it!! Schwepps!

R said...

*true-nothing much beats the black patina-if I did patina them that's where I'd go
**re jars of urine/alchemy etc I usually let either Mo nature of the patina people take care of that-what I like about the bronze simply darkening via oxidation is that the work/lack of finish seems more evident.
***we've tried to make some decisions with the house remodel that-in the end have a natural appearance (rather than the result/look of a decision having been made....the no patina on the numbers may fall into this way of thinking also.