Adolphe Lafont vintage french moleskin chore/shop coat, the black long faded to a beautiful sepia/olive color, inneresting slightly rounded collar-from PCC, in house relatives here and here.


Golden Smith said...

In those deep pockets;
-bone dice
-That lighter I seed over at ref. lib. one time
-sharpie ( thin / thick ends)
-some little folding knife
iphone/ razor-blade crystal set; depending on your era.

Jim said...

is PCC a vintage shop? lovely jacket.

R said...

Smitty-ticks for the sharpie and i-phone, and one rare occasion the pocket knife....no dice, I gave that life up when D&D went virtual.

Jim-PCC is the Pasadena City College Flea market, first Sunday of every month, and the one of been attending the longest-8 years and running...click on the PCC tag in the tool bar for more loot

Jim said...

Thanks for the info, apologies for delayed response! if you ever tire of the jacket give me a shout I would love to buy it off you.