Group of six Hopi Kachina dolls, 1960's/70's from LBC flea on Sunday, again this was one persons collection from an estate sale kept together. The first two are larger and carved/notched from one switch of wood (no glued elements apart from long gone feathers)-the bottom four are a little more roadside production line but make a nice supporting cast-nutty little guys. In house relatives here and here.


My Owl Barn said...

Great finds! These are all beautiful dolls!

natasha said...

Holy smokes, you are so lucky!

Two Graces Plaza Gallery, 68 St. Francis Church Plaza said...

The First one is a nice find I repair older Hopi dolls and can fix this guy up for you if you'd like, he's missing ears. The next one is a "Boyscout" carving made of Pine I have 1 remarkably similar they carved them from the Hunt Book series of How To, the next 4 are Route 66 Navajo Yei dolls, quite nice but not Hopi.