Shaman Manual


ahoi! said...

Wow. I'll have to find this.
Recently, I was given free rein in publication storage at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and came away with a box of books (all inuit)... didn't see this one.

Amazing blog and work. Thanks!

R4TH said...

Ahoi- that sounds like a neat excursion. I have been chasing down many wag publications mostly from the late 70's and 80's- shows curated by bernadette driscoll- I'm chasing the following just in case you go back! Povungnituk , Cape Dorset and repulse bay from their annual exhibition series of Inuit sculpture based on different communities in the Canadian arctic- beautiful books and great writing also.

ahoi! said...

I ended up with 5 from the settlement series, but unfortunately, I'm missing the same ones you are. I'm told they're long gone. Strange, because I was digging through case after case of Eskimo Point, Port Harrison and Rankin Inlet. I'll keep looking for you. It's quite possible they could be found at local used bookstores. Please let me know any other WAG publications you might be seeking. I may be able to help.
Next month, I'm getting a tour of the Inuit vault!