#1-summer of 1992- I dive into shallow water after many beers on the beach in San Remo some crazy feeling and comic scream underwater (shoulder dislocates)-walk up the beach squared off/funny lookin shoulder friends and local kids laugh-local doctor sets it straight

#2-sometime in 1994 whilst being stupid at a Dinosaur Jr show in Melbourne, (during support act)- made it to the hospital and back in time for the 20 minute solo's (thx KT)

#3-sometime in 1995 during my sleep-it woke me up pretty fast-emergency room again

#4-early part of 1999-backstroke at the local pool, confirming the pointlessness of backstroke-ambulance comes and administers great stuff and the muscles spasm and the shoulder returns to proper place

#5-skip to sumer 2006, boogie boarding in OC, it cost more than a Borge Mogensen sofa for the OC ninjas to put it back in place (I'm with you M Moore)

#6-summer of 2009, tying up a rowboat in WI-boat pushes back shoulder pops out and I fall into lake-really crazy hollering is heard on the lake (first successful attempt to reposition shoulder in socket by myself)

#7-today, *never position an extension ladder over a Navajo saddle blanket on a wooden polished floor, the ladder slides out, you fall and stupid shit happens to your body (second successful attempt to reposition shoulder back in place)
**electrician laughs a lot


Michael Ned said...

were you "thinking of the ladder"?

richard said...

Ouch! I know the pain well. Once it happens, it keeps happening. I always put it back myself, until the last time that required an extremely painful ambulance ride and an introduction to the joys of morphine. I finally had surgery. I think the problems that causes are slightly less bad that what it attempts to cure.

Golden Smith said...

"Im with Mandy Moore"
-Ryan A

satanarchy said...


is that surgery still on the table?

Sara said...

I feel this- used to have dislocating knees (did lots of biking to repair that) and then my front bike tire jammed and twisted into a wet train track- dislocating my elbow. I put that one back in myself.I usually kick my knees back in. ow. Maybe an excellent chiropractor can help you if the medical community does not. Be safe.

david john said...

fuck, are u in a sling again?

R4TH said...

no sling-just a lot of tape (less painful than last year)
-saying yes to surgery after January (live cam interweb feed/twitter updates etc)
it's NOT a good thing when it gets to the point that you can put it back in place yourself, it means your ligaments are like rubber bands...((((o))))

omdroparebop said...

You paint a very evocative word-picture. I could almost hear the sickening thud.

Now: take two Bayer Aspirin and three fingers of Johnny Walker Red.

Sean Whittaker said...

Sounds like you've been 'through the wars' as they say, hope it heals up nice and fine!