Scallops with tomatoes, garlic and cream recipe =right on (L&F's cookbook)
Hornbeck Boats-spotted up here and driving me nuts!
Clarice Cliff-pre memphis graphic madness...at local antique fair.
Iacono Farm- the best chicken I've ever cooked & the best cookies $ can buy.
*reading kills the internet, thanks Andy for D.Hall, Chad for A.Phillips (decade!), thanks Lesbomb for Cather.
Smith-Taylor Cabin- help preserve this incredible site.

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Lucia said...

donald hall's life work is one of my favorite books, read many times. it's a compass leading toward Essential things, a road map to a rich life rooted in poetics. hope you like it. after you read it, read this poem DH wrote in march about his houseand the things therein( if the link works, if not do dig it up): http://archives.newyorker.com/?i=2011-03-21#folio=046