Happy Feet

UDT foil-In preparation for (hopefully) more Magic Toweling this summer, after two years my first pair are splitting at the strap, which I think is a common injury. These guys were more rubbery than the last batch, so I left a little more rail on the side-less darty more hold?-also a little more ")" to the fin edge.

*the pugs cut out of the ends in second shot were used as spacers when installing my shower curtain rod into the flanges (twss)
**this Portacable Armadillo is Wizard.
***don't eat rubber-wear a dust mask :<)


Okemah said...

GG would be proud! Now go slide some turquoise.

pranaglider said...

Really fine work there

Surfsister said...

I'm jealous (as my feet are too small for UDTs). Nice work!

Grant said...

nice chisel, nice belt sander.