Pollock Krasner House & Studio

We were fortunate enough to hear Gail Levin speak about Lee Krasner today, followed by a reception at the Pollock Krasner House & Study Center in Springs LI.
Levin met Krasner in the early 70's and became a huge supporter and advocate for her work, including her in the Whitney exhibition Abstract Expressionism: The Formative Years (co-curated with Robert Hobbs) - the first time Krasner would be considered as an abstract expressionist of the first generation.....literally one of the guys.
*Levin included one on Krasner's student paintings (to Lee's initial surprise), an abstract composition made during her studies with Hofmann, to illustrate her pre Pollock modernist roots. Her understanding of both Krasner and Pollock, their relationship, social, creative and critical context is incredible and is the subject of her new book, Lee Krasner, A Biography.

PS-if you go-go get a Pollock Burger around the corner here.
*Thanks A.B for the lead on the talk.

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