Second Time Around

This image of our old place from Brutus (pre Lizard Cnyn) surfs the internet independently, by itself, It's like a stand up paddle boarder that won't go away until the sun is low and the entire population of California has been snaked.
~if you see it send it home.

Contents=mostly Atwater Pottery tea bowls and lone Akio bottle, BCR christmas orn, Nelson cigar, round Grabner, old Vance still life (of Heath bud vase), a chunk of Ennis, a good Russell Wright chair, a boring Nelson bench, an Aubock hook which turned out not to be, and Eames leg splint-yes Martin Boyce made AWESOME things with these.


Anonymous said...

walter/mr. chum has gone to the trouble of scanning those images of your house along with some other nice brutus casa's but perhaps you already knew that..

R4TH said...

Old Chum = #1
A Gentleman and Interwoods trawler of the highest calibre, his blog always puts on a jolly good show indeed.

OldChum said...

Yeah - you have me to blame for that.
Found the mag while in Japan and was pretty stoked to see your place in there. Dream home.
Thanks for the break-down on the goods in the shot and, of course, the kind words.