Peter Shire holding his Henry award from the California Museum of Design 2011.

Jayme Odgers, an artist and designer friend of Shire's who first met Peter round 1978 at a Wet magazine party in Malibu, has said that Peter's works "bridge the terrain between art/design, function and non-utilitarianism. They are gorgeously outrageous. They smear the professional and personal.

In the early eighties we used a coined word to describe what Peter does with his life and art: we called it 'Blendo'. He's a fellow Blendo. He lives and works in the borders between the obvious, blending opposites, merging disparate elements into a unique whole that is all his own."

Frank Lloyd, from Peter Shire Chairs catalogue 2007.

*Limeys-see some PS work in the Postmodernism show at the V&A.
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YHBHS said...

yes! was just looking at the most incredible Shire occasional table last week.

charliep said...

nice shirt!

Rob Tufnell said...

Limey? You have gone native. I thought we were Poms?