LBC finds from sunday AM~Washoe (?) basket-early 20th century, the asymmetrical design, and weaving quality is beautiful on this one/Zuni thunderbird stone to stone inlay bolo circa 1940-50's-has the early soldered wire slide on the back (year of the bolo)/Navajo ring 1950-70's-ingot silver and spiderweb turquoise, unidentified hallmark on band-this thing has a satisfying sculptural weight & balance and a lot of wear- you can see the \\\/// line on the side of the bands are almost gone.

In house relatives here and here.

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David Neale said...

I think about metal finishes pretty much every day-
and my conclusion is this;
The best finish requires at least 50 years of time passing and the slow polishing/burnishing from skin.
So if I start today, I might get there by the time Im eighty.