Little Earthquakes/The Way Things Go


Just made this isolation shelf for my turntable out of a bike tire, spare ikea shelf, concave furniture cups, and bearing balls. My floors are really flexible and I was having a lot of problems with skipping even when I just walked within a few feet of my table. This totally fixed it; now I can listen to records during earthquakes.

Aesthetically it's not the greatest, but it'll do.


= MacGyver Core


Ha...yep, that's some vertical and horizontal isolation. I am pretty, pretty, pretty proud of myself.


You know you could have just used a piece of grey furniture foam right?

You went the Fishchli and Weiss route with the bike tube though

Keep inventing and send a photo that actually depicts the intervention!


The problem was way beyond what foam could fix, I tried it all..this is earthquake technology dude.


A photo that depicts the intervention? Like, my isolation shelf during an actual seismic event? I'll work on it..

*From Lesley's sister Ali in the Middle West.

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Okemah said...

So it's basically riding a mat?