Zuni Knifewing's~
//top-Alonzo Hustito mosaic overlay bolo c. 1940's, this one has been riding collar the past few weeks-the finer nature to the inlay (given it's size) and the larger stamped silver surround- along with the separate striped fan form below the kilt make this a great piece.
//Unidentifed (flying) knifewing pin c. 1950's, I liked how simple this one was, and also the faded color of the stonework.
//Tiny knifewing figure ring, set into jet background, whilst this could be John Gordon Leak, the figure seems like it's having too much fun, too animated, possibly David Tsikewa (due to the long eyes and raised wings).
//Dan Simplicio knifewing pendant, again set into jet background with snake eye turquoise border c. 1940's, similar to Leak but more details such as the multi piece wings and striped diagonal cornmeal pouch.
//Knifewing bolo, possibly Frank Vacit c. 1940's-50's, the colors are neat here, and the rain cloud formed headdress.

*again Toshio Sei's book is the best source of information on all this jazz.

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