Shoes Like Pottery

Moonstar/Shoes Like Pottery~hand made in japan, the canvas and rubber quality of these shoes is nuts, the rubber is baked onto the shoe in a kiln (Hamada Vans ;-0). A friend wrangled me a pair of these and they own my feet-better than a time machine pair of converse. The retail Wizards at South Willard have Moonstar cargo as of this week.
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U.S relatives here.


THEARM said...

I got mine, now walking the SF streets

David Neale said...

What on earth is going on with that crucible?
I couldnt quite work it out on their site...
Something to do with metal shoe forms?

R4TH said...

I think maybe they are pouring the aluminum lasts- lots of alchemy behind the shoes- their blue shoes are indigo dyed and the yellow ones are magnesium or some such mineral from the region....unless they are hand forging padlocks to keep out commonwealth bloggers.