Shake, Rattle and Roll with The Clean~1982


P.M said...

A Favourite.

Pretty good if you play all these at the same time too.

Hermann Wundrum said...

Tally Ho! They're from down your way, RS, ever see 'em live?

Paul + Wendy Projects said...

I've been listening to the "Time to Go – The Southern Psychedelic Moment: 1981-86" compilation almost non-stop since it came out last month. You should really check it out if you haven't already: http://blog.flyingnun.co.nz/2012/03/27/bruce-russells-time-to-go/

Are you going to the Jed Lind opening?

R4TH said...

-I saw David Kilgour play at Wombleton records last year, which was awesome-never seen The Clean in full.
-P + W say hello to Jed!