Early Days Of Hobie

Nineteen year old Hobie moving a blank's worth of balsa to the Yater-designed glue press (that Velzy coveted) alongside Hobie's parents' beachfront home, operated by placing the glued balsa sticks side-by-side in a frame and compressing them together by driving a wedge between the frame and the wood-no moving parts. Circa 1952

Hobie slalom testing an experimental model during the clay wheels era, Street of the Golden Lantern in Dana Point, circa 1964.

Clipped from the current issue of TSJ. My favorite subscription since The Phantom circa 85.


charliep said...

the sad thing about this is no longboarder now would dare test an experimental model of clay wheels down a hill. it is purely a medium of lazy wave pigging rangeroverdriving fat kooks.

i wish there was a new generation of greenoughs, simmons, hynsons, clarks, alters, and mctavishs.

mat riding is the future

charliep said...

i actually cant put alter in the category of names i just posted. i take it back.

R4TH said...

The thing which great in Hobie's story is this sense of experimentation at the birth of surfboard manufacturing. His tales of trying to figure out foam blank formations from crude molds and chemical recipe's had me thinking about the Eames' home-made furniture jigs to laminate curved wooden furniture components in their tiny apartment in LA. The shape of things to come etc.