Pocket-T Ambassador

Dennis Wilson, bearded and clean shaven wearing the Pocket-T Shirt well. South Willard has just received a drop of Pocket-T's custom made in Japan for the store, classic styling + quality cotton in Navy and Washed Black. In house relatives.


genevieve said...

That's some nice Two Lane Blacktop era chops + feathered hair going on there!

PG said...

...and, a perfect tie-in to the Manson/Spector music collaboration taking place, as we speak, in the Corcoran State Prison!


R4TH said...

PG-you are picking up the trail here...I think Dennis and the Boys used to refer to Manson as 'The Wizard', they really dug his music and were keen to record him for Brother Records, but then there was the death threat to Brian with a sharpened pencil, them changing the words to to 'Cease to Exist' and other trailing incidents...G-the bottom photo is indeed a production still from the shooting of Two Lane Blacktop, hence a little engine grease on the white T.

somedaynewyorker said...

That love pockets. The unisex of a pocketed t-shirt is brillant.