I wanted to post the Hitchhiker clip from Neil Young's Le Noise-alas no embedding...so you get Sonny-but get Le Noise-on multi rotation here, I think it's the best record since Silver and Gold.
*PS-for the impatient cut to 5:40 on the ticker.


Sean Whittaker said...

Is "Hitchhiker" autobiographical do you think?

Ps. Nice video's, didn't know Neil had a new album, I'll have to check it out in full (cheers for the "heads up")

R4TH said...

I think Hitchhiker is at least partially autobiographical indeed-this is a new take on it-you can find it on live bootleggs from the early mid 70's-it's always been one of my favorite NY songs and this album version (hell this whole record) is great.