Don't Call It A Comeback I've Been here For Years

Jeff Mangum, announces tour dates!

*for those of you/us who have been listening to that same crunchy boot from the Madison show from the late 90's as a way to expand on the Neutral Milk diet, perhaps something will surface out of this resurfacing.


YHBHS said...

but no la dates?

richard said...

Maybe someone could explain to me the appeal of "musicians" that can neither sing nor play guitar?

R4TH said...

Richard...I thought Doc Boggs ended that argument-what are you listening to in your car?, what type of car do you drive? and if you don't have a car what are the last three records you purchased?

ps please say the Mickey Newbury reissues from Drag City.

richard said...

Doc Boggs is a lot of fun. I wasn't familiar with him.

In the car, I listen to radio or nothing. My semi-local NPR talk station is usual. I get tired of it after a while, but I don't spend much time in the car since I have a 10 minute commute. Half of that is BBC news since they switch to that by the time I drive home.

'95 Camaro or '93 Sentra, I'm going back to an ancient BMW as a daily driver when my life shifts back to a mode that gives me time to keep it running.

Last time I bought music, it was 10 used CDs. Before that, a stack of maybe 50 records. I honestly don't even know what was in the stack. How about last 3 things things I listened to?

COIL - Amethyst Deceivers‬‏

Don Cherry - Brown Rice

Pettidee - Devils Get Dropped

I was just going to answer with this as a joke, but afraid it would seem mean rather than funny since you don't know me. Read the lyrics. Both an answer to your question in the beginning and an oblique reference to your headlining proclivities further down.
Deep Purple-Child in Time

R4TH said...

Richard all I can say is A+ for bringing up Don Cherry's Brown Rice....and if you don't already have every Phil Cohran record-you would dig
PS-let me know when you start your own blog!