>Nice find-Japanese buyer with a JACK'S of Huntington Beach single fin Paipo (will it ever see the ocean again?)

>this guy got these beautiful Altec Lansing speakers, custom slate top/walnut and then a pair of old JBL's further down the aisle

>the best tag i've seen for a while

>Jungle Shorts! our friend Kathy planted this word in my head the night before the bowl, and there they were- a small litter of them...the big E's on top came home for the legs of the house, still cracking the Levi's Davinci code-hidden rivets + selvedge inside coin pocket.


YHBHS said...

looking forward to running into you when you both are wearing your jungle shorts.

and remember, hearty grains should be soaked for a half an hour before cooking!

Anna said...

a lucky gal to get those shorts. awesome.