4th Of July with Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson's 4th of July picnic, 1974-watch it here.
...still going here.


Papa Jon said...

Awesome that the whole thing is up. Cinefile presented a 35mm print of the thing at the Nuart as a midnite movie about 10 years ago and it was incredible on the big screen. Leon Russell and Doug Kershaw are a treat in the movie. Doug Kershaw as the prototype for Warren Ellis' early Dirty 3 persona? sweet find. can send a dvd of it if needed.

tuskedbeast said...

Someone literally "dancing on a pony keg"; life imitating art if you think June Carter was art (& I do).

ps the gibberish I had to copy to verify this was"sematle" almost "sea mat", hey.

charliep said...

this post has been here a week already


are you on holiday in the hamptons or something

i need a more posts than this!

R4TH said...

C'mon Charlie, no one reads read for the blouse anyways...
Papa Jon
I think you tried to get me to go to this screening-at least you pointed me to this years ago.....dude my music collection is a sad sight without your input since your departure to barefoot towne.
semantle- see mantle-sea mantle, sea matanee, sea mat, surf mat....I can go there