Keeping It Together

This collection was incredible, the vendor was intent on keeping it together and not parting it out....it was on the table at the PCC for around 15 minutes before someone jumped, I've never seen anything like it. The story goes~it was a families complete archive/collection from their time in Alaska from their first arrival in 1919(a whole box of beautiful photographs and letters not in my shots). The woman pictured at the bottom, their daughter, was a small child when they first arrived, blond and blue eyed, and the indigenous community became fascinated with her, and would bring crafts, gifts and clothing offerings to the house...all the beaded bags, mitts and moccasins were shrimp size, including a pair of seal skin boots that were so delicately made. I guess the family also collected local artifacts, I think the basket and bent/sewn cedar basket are Tlingit, the wooden storage bowl was incredible, and it was great to see and handle some of these things before they sold.

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